Ontime Quality Machining is a CNC job shop that implements modernized tooling, fixturing and CNC programming methods to create fabrication processes to machine components. Utilizing these methods make us capable of producing more efficient components which results in on-time delivery and drives down cost.

CNC Solutions For Any Sized Project!


CNC Lathe

NL250 Smart Machine Tool Lathe

The 2020 NL250 Smart Machine Tool Lathe can cut material up to 15 in x 21.5 in.  It comes equipped with box ways which allows it to hold a tolerance up to +/-.0001 on tough materials such as stainless steel and other exotic materials. Listed below are some of the other capabilities offered:

• Boring • Internal Threading
• Contour Turning • Knurling
• Drilling • Necking
• External Threading • Partning/Cutting
• Facing • Shoulder Facing
• Form Turning • Straight Turning
• Internal Forming • Taper Turning

    CNC Milling

    HAAS 4VF & 4VSS CNC Milling

    Our Haas VF4SS vertical mill is equipped with 5-axis add on to allow for more complexed features. The table size from spindle face to table: X axis = 50 inches, Y axis = 21 inches and Z axis = 25 inches. Coupled with our Haas 4-axis VF4 vertical mill, our capabilities are greatly enhanced. Listed below are the capabilities offered:

    • Boring • Milling
    • Counterboring • Parting/Cutting
    • Countersinking • Pocketing
    • External Threading • Profiling
    • Facing • Reaming
    • Form Turning • Tapping
    • Internal Threading • Thread Milling


      Metal Types

      The Metals We Machine

      We can machine nearly any type of material. Listed below are the capabilities offered:

      • Alloy Steels • Cast Iron
      • Aluminum • Copper
      • Brass • Hard facing
      • Bronze Alloys • Stainless Steel
      • Carbon Steel • Super Alloys


      Other Services

      Our Services

      Our services go beyond the standard machining offerings. We can handle youe job from start to finish. Listed below are the capabilities offered:

      • 3D Modeling • Process Engineering
      • CNC Programming • Prototyping from CAD
      • CNC Setup and Machining • Reverse Engineering



      Let's Work Together!

      We love creating things, from precision products for any industry, along with lasting partnerships with our customers.

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